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Clash ch03 is released~!Happy B-day Sora~ to celebrate here's a chapter for you!
Scanner/Raw Providers/Donators

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:11 by Sora

If anyone could donate or help us scan manga projects it would be greatly appreciated and just ask us and we'll have a project that we need.

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Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:10 by Sora

ok so its ok if you do part time as long as you finish whats assigned and also here are the requirements for the positions!

Must have photoshop and know how to properly clean and typeset correctly and does cleaning gutters, leveling, resizing, redrawing, straightening, as well as putting different fonts for typesetting

Does the cleaning parts of an Editor


[ Full reading ]

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Colorists position

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:05 by Sora

Colors a manga page from black and white to full color and does it neatly

ok instead of a test you can just pm me one of your works and if it meets my requirements your in! *WA

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QCers position

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:03 by Sora

Must be able to point out flaws on a editted page and tell them how to fix it properly

After taking test just pm it to either eternaltorture or I

QC Test

Just point out what is needed to do on this raw *BYE

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Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:02 by Sora

Ok sooo here's the basics of an proofreader

They must have perfect grammar and spelling and so forth

and since i dont have a test *WHISTLE

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Meat eater or Vegetarian?

Meat eater or Vegetarian?

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1 Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Sun Apr 12 2009, 12:13

I'm a meat eater but I'm also buddhist which is bad cause my father is an a vegetarian so we have to kinda hide the meat food from him just in case but he already know that the whole family eats meat except for him sad for my dad but looks like he doesn't care sometimes so when I'm at the age of 23 yrs old I'm going to be a vegetarian! so go me xD Doesn't mean I'm going to stop eating fish lol...

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2 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Sun May 03 2009, 05:03

I am both? LOL well i'mnot sure. i like meat and veggies. I'm in the middle i guess because i eat everything thats good. lol

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3 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Mon May 11 2009, 07:45

I am a meat eater but I do eat vege sometimes. I dont think I could ever become a full vegetarian its too hard. All the meat temptation.

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4 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Sun May 17 2009, 02:31

I am a meat eater. And i don't think i can ever be a vegetarian, for a day maybe, a week?? I'd die... LOL... Seriously... >.<

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5 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Mon Jun 22 2009, 05:20

i preffer meat better.. kinda im picky in vegetables.. well more on fish meat..sashimi or shushi ^^

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6 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Mon Jul 06 2009, 10:41

i was really surprised that there were no vegitarians in the pole. i do eat meat but i dont miss it if it is not in the meal.

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7 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Tue Jul 14 2009, 10:28

I'm not that big on meat by itself, but I like it in a lot of things. So, not a vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination. Besides, due to food allergies, it'd be very difficult if I ever did want to go veggie...

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8 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Sun Feb 28 2010, 08:03

it's hard becouse i eat meat and vegetables;]

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9 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Sat Mar 06 2010, 17:22

Huh, I must say I'm a meat eater, but it's not like i can't go vegetarian for a meal or five.
I have a few vegetarian friends though, but I think it's difficult to each purely vegetarian when the selection of vegetables and such is so limited. My favorite veggie dish is probably Ratatouille, but I love fruits and berries more than vegetables xD

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10 Re: Meat eater or Vegetarian? on Tue Jul 09 2013, 06:40

meat eater! I start craving it if I haven't had it in awhile. My parents have recently decided to be vegetarians so now I have to beg to have some meat in the house. Which doesn't last long because my siblings eat everything they can get their hands on Sad

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