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Clash ch03 is released~!Happy B-day Sora~ to celebrate here's a chapter for you!
Scanner/Raw Providers/Donators

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:11 by Sora

If anyone could donate or help us scan manga projects it would be greatly appreciated and just ask us and we'll have a project that we need.

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Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:10 by Sora

ok so its ok if you do part time as long as you finish whats assigned and also here are the requirements for the positions!

Must have photoshop and know how to properly clean and typeset correctly and does cleaning gutters, leveling, resizing, redrawing, straightening, as well as putting different fonts for typesetting

Does the cleaning parts of an Editor


[ Full reading ]

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Colorists position

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:05 by Sora

Colors a manga page from black and white to full color and does it neatly

ok instead of a test you can just pm me one of your works and if it meets my requirements your in! *WA

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QCers position

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:03 by Sora

Must be able to point out flaws on a editted page and tell them how to fix it properly

After taking test just pm it to either eternaltorture or I

QC Test

Just point out what is needed to do on this raw *BYE

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Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:02 by Sora

Ok sooo here's the basics of an proofreader

They must have perfect grammar and spelling and so forth

and since i dont have a test *WHISTLE

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~*Twlight Series*~

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1 ~*Twlight Series*~ on Mon Apr 06 2009, 10:44

The Twilight Series was brought to us by the one and only Stephenie Meyer. These books had made a huge impact on many people around the world just like that of Harry Potter.

This series begins with Twilight, the first book in the series, about a girl named Isabella Swan who had move to Forks. There on the first day of school she met this gorgous group of people who seperate themselves from the rest. At that moment only one of them stood out to her and his name was Edward Cullen. Little does she knows she is in for a big adventure for Edward was not a normal guy. He along with his family are all Vampires.

I think this series is amazing. I read all these book in less than two days. -This is a huge accomplishment for me because I usually dislike books especially thick, long looking book the moment I saw it and would not even bother reading it. These books are different though because once I began to read it I cannot stop it is like I want to know what happen next. After the first book I have to get to the store right away to get the next book in the series no matter what. This is how I feel about this book. To me I think that she could still continue on instead of ending it, but I can see why she would stop. I think the reason why is because she do not want to drag the story on and on and on. It will just ruin the book and storyline.

If anyone here have read the series tell me your thoughts about the book. What are your thoughts about the last book or as the matter of fact all the book?

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2 Re: ~*Twlight Series*~ on Sun Apr 12 2009, 04:31

I thoroughly enjoyed the series. My only beef is that some dimwit released the fifth Twilight Series book causing Ms. Meyer to decide not to finish it. This is very sad because I feel that it may just have been the best book of the entire series. At least we get to read part of it since Ms. Meyer chose to release it to the masses. It helped me come to love Edward even more since it was written from his viewpoint. We get to see his true emotions, his fight to keep Bella safe and a little more insight into the family dynamics concerning how they all felt about Bella. I sincerely hope at some point in the future Ms. Meyer decides to finish the book.

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3 ~*Twlight Series*~ on Sun Apr 12 2009, 11:48

Once you start reading the Twilight series you can never go back lol that what happen me to its like a drug you just want to keep reading this awesome roamnces book!! I love you i loved it so much, too bad I'm not a huge fan but i did go watch the movie xD

Stephenie Meyer is one hell of a great author (bet she not going to read this lol...)

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4 Re: ~*Twlight Series*~ on Sun May 03 2009, 05:26

I didn't read it yet so I don't know if i like it or not. I probably won't read it because it's really long like 4 books or something. and each book is long too @.@ it'll take me forever. but i might give it a try during summer hahaha.

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5 Re: ~*Twlight Series*~ on Thu May 14 2009, 14:14

I loved the book series so much. I even own the movie and will go see New Moon when it comes out this year. I hope Midnight Sun will come out because oh her website it says that she would continue working on it but its indefinate Sad but the part of it I did read was amazing.

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6 Re: ~*Twlight Series*~ on Sun Jun 14 2009, 10:43

shrad89 wrote:I loved the book series so much. I even own the movie and will go see New Moon when it comes out this year. I hope Midnight Sun will come out because oh her website it says that she would continue working on it but its indefinate Sad but the part of it I did read was amazing.

I feel the same way. Midnight Sun is really amazing because we get the story from Edward's point of view. I am going to go watch New Moon when it comes out in November too.

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7 Re: ~*Twlight Series*~ on Mon Jul 06 2009, 10:33

you know i think that it is a really solid series but it wasint as great as some people made it out to be. yes edward is hot but bella just makes me crazy.

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