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Clash ch03 is released~!Happy B-day Sora~ to celebrate here's a chapter for you!
Scanner/Raw Providers/Donators

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:11 by Sora

If anyone could donate or help us scan manga projects it would be greatly appreciated and just ask us and we'll have a project that we need.

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Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:10 by Sora

ok so its ok if you do part time as long as you finish whats assigned and also here are the requirements for the positions!

Must have photoshop and know how to properly clean and typeset correctly and does cleaning gutters, leveling, resizing, redrawing, straightening, as well as putting different fonts for typesetting

Does the cleaning parts of an Editor


[ Full reading ]

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Colorists position

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:05 by Sora

Colors a manga page from black and white to full color and does it neatly

ok instead of a test you can just pm me one of your works and if it meets my requirements your in! *WA

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QCers position

Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:03 by Sora

Must be able to point out flaws on a editted page and tell them how to fix it properly

After taking test just pm it to either eternaltorture or I

QC Test

Just point out what is needed to do on this raw *BYE

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Mon Mar 23 2009, 08:02 by Sora

Ok sooo here's the basics of an proofreader

They must have perfect grammar and spelling and so forth

and since i dont have a test *WHISTLE

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Rules of AM~

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1 Rules of AM~ on Mon Mar 23 2009, 07:28


1. Spamming- Is ok by me *LOLZ only if the topic you are talking in is not anything different such as a project *DUNNO and please do not spam in the introductions thread! *MPRAY

2. Requests
- When you are requesting please do so like this [Request] Title
and for sharing like this [Sharing Title]
You are also aloud to pretty much request anything manga,anime,drama and i guess music if you want

3. Entertainment- Please put a summary details of the book and if you can a picture of the manga and perhaps the story length to like how many volumes till it's complete.

4. Forum- Please NO unappropriate content such as dare i say it porn *SHOCK , advertising for products such as pills or anything like that if so then you will be severly punished *LOLZ

5. Finally have a wonderful time here and please respect the staff and listen to them even if they're fooling around a lot *XD

6. Last but not least due to me thinking the forum is dead if you could post or something once in a while it'll cheer up the staff and me to let us know there are still people here to release to *HMMM if you wouldn't mind ^^
7.From both my staff I have been noticing some people have been posting only a emoticon-> *CORNER (mine) only or just a few words or even one *DROP so please don't do that or else your post count will be deducted... *UM

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